Posted by: amari | January 2, 2010

We’ve Moved to our New home

Peace, if you’re willing to fight for it,

The Sons of Malcolm have found a new home at  No beef or nothing.  Just that BPM got more of what we need: independent media that centers the experiences and liberation of African people.  Come check us out.

It’s Black Power Media.  Nothing More. Nothing less.



  1. I am not sure I know where to begin. It is 2 something in the morning I been working all day but still i’m up watching your clips and have so much to say. For now I will keep it simple and say thank you!!!! It is refreshing, uplifting, empowering to hear brothers speak about loving themselves and encouraging loving ourselves as a people both male and female. My mother is Jamaican and father Scottish. The reason I mention this is bcs I have had to deal with a lot being caught in the middle you can say. The colour complex, men telling me they wanna a child with me cause of my hair like “okay well what about me, as a person?!?” but I don’t want to ram up your inbox lol. Just thank you and I will continue to watch and spread the vibrations! Positive~* One question though. I looked up the meaning of the word black and there wasn’t anything positive about the word. Mind you it was in a webster dictionary so wondering if you know of a definition I am not familiar with bcs if we are referring to ourselves as black people and the word is filled with negative associations thats a vibrations I don’t feel we as a people should call ourselves. Okay I will leave it at that cause I could go on with all the thoughts your clips have stirred. Love and guidance.

  2. Peace&Blessings. My name is Alexis Goins, I’m 29 years old, born and raised in Decatur, Ga. I’m the product of a bi-racial relationship(african/european). Can you please do a show on bi-racial children/people or pro-black bi-racial people? I get so much backlash from my Brothas and Sistahs(this is my usual surroundings which include most of my family and friends) for being pro-Black. The first thing they always ask me is”Aren’t you half-white?” What I always ask them is “Aren’t you of African descent?” I seem to be more pro-black and more concerned with the liberation of our people than full blooded Africans, and would like to know if I’m the only one?? Its always been instinctive to me to lean more toward my Nubian side, and don’t feel that I should try and glorify my white side to satisfy Blacks who have inferiority complexes to begin with. Thanks in advance. Peace&Blessings …p.s. your shows are extremely informative, eye-opening, and is something that our people need to hear! You Brothers are doing a wonderful job.

  3. I have tried to go your new home without sucess (could you leav another link on this site please?).

    After discovering y’all last night on you tube I feel compelled to reach out.

    I currently live between Jamaica and London but used to live in Forte Green NYC. What can I say I am a citizen of the

    The reason I pin point my locale is just to let you know that brother’s and sistah’s from all over the globe are watching an listening to you contribution.

    I have long been trying to establish space that speaks to Afrikan people and demonstrates evoution and growth for our community. I have taken a step back from social media in recent months to focus agressively on the action part of this work as there is still so much that I want/need to learn in order to be effective in this mission. (could you list the 25 books you mention in your video that you were given to study by the professor you met in undergrad?)

    However, I continue to read, watch and support quietly from the side lines. I apreciate you both. It is a wonderful experience to see black men standing strong, firm and being effective. One Luv Coco.x

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